Filmed on a Sony a6300
Footage was recorded 2.0+ exposure @4k 24fps down scaled to 1080p
I used a 16-70mm 4.0 zeiss with Gobe ND filter for exterior and a 35mm 1.8 sony for interior
1/50 800 ISO – f1.8 interior f8 exterior
Shot in slog3 pp8 and used a VisionColor Osiris LUT with adjustment in Adobe Premiere CC
A few clips i used a Dji Ronin-m
I noticed when shooting gradients that color banding becomes very apparent if over 2+ stops, so i may start shooting at a little over 1+ exposure. Also, when I was shooting a timelapse using a intervalometer app outside on a tripod during a sunny afternoon the camera shut off within 10 minutes due to over heating. i fixed the issue by using a light bounce to create shade over the camera.

Song Artist: “Cosmic Tingles” by Lee Rosevere (